Can We Trust the Bible? A Lecture Series on the Reliability of Scripture

Part 1. The Historical Reliability of the Bible: An Introduction, by Sarah Geis 

Part 2. The Bible and Worldviews, by Dr. Douglas Groothuis, head of the Christian Apologetics and Ethics M.A. program at Denver Seminary, and author of Christian Apologetics  Click here for Mp3.

Part 3. Finding Truth Among Various Scholarly Approaches to the Bible, by Peggy McIntyre  Click here for Mp3.

Part 4. Addressing Claims of Contradictions in the Bible, by Sarah Geis  Click here for Mp3.

Part 5. Can We Trust the Old Testament? by Dr. Richard Hess, Earl S. Kalland Professor of Old Testament and Semitic Languages at Denver Seminary.  Click here for Mp3.

Part 6. Are the Gospels and Acts Historically Reliable? by Dr. Judith Diehl.  Click here for Mp3.

Part 7. Addressing Alternative Gospels, by Dr. Craig Blomberg, Distinguished Professor of New Testament at Denver Seminary.  Click here for Mp3.

Part 9. Are the Epistles Reliable? Who Really Wrote Them? Michael Jewell, JD. Click here for MP3.

Part 10. How Did We Wind up With the 66 Books of the Protestant Bible? Pastor Brad Strait 

Click here for MP3.

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Part 11. Hasn’t Too Much Time Passed Between the Original Bible and Today? Pastor Dave Strunk [August 12]

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